Rewarding lives.
Healthy communities.


Welcome to an agency that is passionate about supporting the families and communities of the Hudson Valley.

We have been evolving services for people facing the challenges of disability and mental illness for over 50 years.

Today we offer a broad range of programs and touch thousands of lives every week. Yet we always work hard to focus on the needs and potentials of one person at a time.

Our many and varied services are all focused on one goal: helping people with challenges live the fullest life possible.

We believe each of us is entitled to a voice in establishing our own life goals and strive to treat each person we assist as a partner.

We are committed to making a positive difference in the communities where we live and work.



Our agency is guided by an active and supportive Board of Directors.

Todd A. Kelson


Mr. Kelson has practiced as an attorney in Orange County for over 30 years. He additionally serves as a guardianship court examiner under the New York Mental Hygiene Law, assisting the courts in protecting the welfare of legally incapacitated persons. Mr. Kelson has been a member of the Access: Supports for Living Board of Directors since 1999, and the Board Chair since 2012. Mr. Kelson is a graduate of the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University, and holds a Juris Doctorate from Syracuse University. He is also a member of the Board of Directors and past president of the Newburgh Jewish Community Center.

Thomas J. Buchanan, 1st Vice-Chairperson
Liz O’Halloran, 2nd Vice-Chairperson
Jason Giordano, Secretary
Camille Balsamello, Treasurer


Patricia Bassey
Lynn Allen Cione
Melissa Cobuzzi
Greg Dowling
Jonathan Gatsik
John Guattery


Daniel B. Hulse
Ed Lekis
Jim Loughran
James Monroe
Ralph Martucci
Cheryl Sanza
Richard Smith


Amy Anderson-Winchell, L.C.S.W.

President & Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Anderson-Winchell began her career with Occupations, Inc., in 1982 and currently oversees all activities of the $85 million corporate system, providing organizational leadership to over 1,300 staff, serving more than 8,000 people per year, and guidance to an experienced leadership team in delivering diverse mental health treatment, rehabilitation, community outreach, and child welfare services. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of New York having received her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania in 1981. Prior to her graduate education, she was conferred a Bachelor’s Degree from Brown University after completing her final semester of study at Yale University.

As an active member of the community, Ms. Anderson-Winchell has throughout her career been involved in the planning of mental health services with the Orange County Mental Health Department and the Joint Membership of Health and Community Agencies. In efforts to address the needs of the region, she currently serves as the Vice Chairperson of Coordinated Behavioral Health Services (CBHS) and is currently the Secretary of the Board of Directors of New York Integrated Network for People with Developmental Disabilities (NYIN) and Treasurer of the Board of Directors of Hudson Valley Care Coordination (HVCC) Health Home in Hudson Valley. She also currently serves on the Board of Directors of the New York State Rehabilitation Association and has served on task forces for multiple other state advocacy associations.

Ronald Colavito

Executive Vice President & COO

Ron joined Access: Supports for Living in 2003 as a cost accountant before being promoted to Finance Director in 2007, Comptroller in 2009, Vice President in 2012, and Senior Vice President of Industrial Operations and Program Services in 2014. In February 2015, Ron became Access’s Chief Operating Officer, and Executive Vice President & COO in October 2017. In this role, he works in close partnership with Access’s I/DD and Behavioral Health leadership teams to ensure the efficient delivery of high-quality supports and services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, enabling them to live the healthiest and fullest lives possible. 

His steadfast commitment to the people Access serves is evidenced by his dedication to continually evolving the agency’s Business Intelligence and implementation of data-driven solutions. Since joining Access, Ron has made scores of contributions across the agency, particularly in Finance and Industrial Operations. He consistently partners with cross-functional teams to promote organizational efficiencies, leading to quality improvement. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from SUNY Geneseo and an MBA in Healthcare Management from Quinnipiac University.


In 1963 a group of parents created a program to help foster the independence of their children, seven young people with developmental disabilities. They found area educators to teach skills, established a work center for packaging and assembly and found customers among area businesses. They felt their children were capable of productive work, and believed that this would not only encourage their independence but enhance their well being.

Today the agency they launched is a valued resource to the people, families and communities across nine counties in New York and the highly regarded provider of a wide range of constantly evolving services and programs. While as many as 10,000 individuals now receive widely varied services each year, the spirit and initiative of the founding families is honored in a shared commitment to promoting the independence, health and happiness of every person the agency serves.

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