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National Nurses Week 2018

What images enter your mind when someone mentions nursing? Scrubs? Stethoscopes? Hospitals? They’re the typical objects and settings related to nursing. For nurses at Access, the picture is a little different. Think more listening to patient words, less listening to patient hearts. More sitting with patients in waiting rooms and exam rooms, less going from exam room to exam room collecting vitals. More time getting to know patients, less time needing to move onto the next patient.

Debbie is an RN with a 27-year career at Access. One of the things she loves most about her is the level of client interaction. She’s worked in many specialties, including pre- and post-op, ICU, and CCU, but one area she swore she’d never work in was psychiatric nursing. Shortly after starting at Access over a quarter century ago, she swore she’d never do anything else. Her job with our PROS program involves completing health assessments, working closely with doctors to ensure optimal client care, and running groups about physical and behavioral health and wellness. One important skill Debbie’s developed over the years is healthy boundaries with clients as well as coworkers. She’s always available to answer questions and pitch in where needed, but she also knows when to separate herself from her work and trust that others will take care of clients when she can’t.

Kirsten works in some of our group homes. She’s an RN and she’s been with us for five and a half years. A big part of her job is checking and keeping track of client medications, and making sure all client medical needs are being met. Her work is challenging; she coordinates the care for many patients, and she encounters a wide range of behaviors. Her interest in this line of work came well before she started at Access, when she worked in the field as a Direct Service Professional. It was then she saw what it’s like to work with staff and clients in a residential setting. While she feels a strong connection to her coworkers and the people she helps, she’s also found that establishing boundaries is crucial in this work.

Edith is an LPN working in some of our group homes. She’s been with Access since 2010. One of her main responsibilities is advocating for clients, making sure they get to their appointments and ensuring that their medical needs are being met. She also communicates a great deal with doctors in coordinating the care of clients. What she enjoys most in her job is simply helping people.

No matter which job role they’re filling, we at Access are incredibly proud and grateful for all our nursing staff. Happy Nurses Week, and thank you for all you do!

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