Living and Working
in the Community

Our systems of care are moving away from the idea of separating people with differences. We are proud to promote inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities and those living with mental illness.


It takes careful planning and thoughtful support to make independent living a reality for people with challenges. It all pays off when individuals who might once have been restricted to supervised residences are able to sign their own lease and receive the key for a home of their own.





Access: Supports for living has worked in partnership with Jonah Mandelbaum’s MJJ Builders, Warwick Properties, and Devon Management to create fully integrated, 100% ADA accessible and adaptable, beautiful, and affordable apartments in Orange and Sullivan Counties. Here, people with special needs have the opportunity to live in a home of their own and in a community with families, older people, and veterans, with as much support as they need to maintain health and independence.

For questions and applications go to Devon Management or call 845-692-1923



When a person who was once dependent becomes a valued contributor, everyone gains. We offer thoughtful, expert assistance to people with disabilities or mental illness as they prepare for employment. We offer guidance and support throughout the entire process, from the exploration of each individual’s interests and potentials, through training and ongoing coaching for employed workers.


Preparing for a job: Employment Services

Everyone benefits from guidance and training in preparation for work. Our highly individualized approach includes the careful matching of the role with the candidate, and that can include individuals who may once have been thought incapable of productive work. The program is flexible in meeting the needs of people with specific challenges, whether that entails additional training or transportation issues.


Finding a job: Employment Opportunities

We do not consider our work done when a candidate is ready for work and have long led the way in developing opportunities for employment. We help place candidates in roles in a variety of sectors, from food service and sanitation, janitorial and building services, retail and clerical support.



We offer preventive clinical services for families with children at risk of abuse, neglect or placement in foster care.

These are available throughout Orange and Sullivan Counties. In Orange County we also support young people returning from residential treatment to their families or to an independent living placement arranged by our Community Alternatives and Transitional Support Services.

Family support therapists and family development specialists can make home visits throughout the county,
with the goal of supporting families by strengthening skills and fostering positive parent-child relationships.


Preventing child abuse: The Healthy Families program

Healthy Families is a cooperative home visiting program aimed at reducing and managing stress and encouraging preventive health care.

First, pregnant women and new parents are screened for risk factors and appropriate in-home services are provided. Second, specially trained workers offer parents information and support aimed at promoting positive parenting skills and encouraging the development of a healthy child.

Participation is free of charge and voluntary. It begins during pregnancy or at any time before the baby is three months old and may continue until the child begins Head Start or school.

Contact us for eligibility and enrollment information. 


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Children’s Group Homes

We support the aspirations of young people in two group homes with intensive therapy and training in independent living skills. Young people between 12 and 21 are able to connect to the community while working toward their own goals, whether that is to rejoin their families, live independently or continue their education.

The Assessment Center

Diagnostic testing is available to young people (10-21) who are in need of temporary placements for evaluation and short-term
treatment. Some individuals in Orange County may be eligible for in-home assessment. The results are used by Departments of Social Services and Family Courts throughout the region.

The Assessment Center staff members have the expertise to address the complex psychiatric and behavioral needs of the people they work with and partner with the Departments of Social Services to shape plans that provide the best possible support to individuals and families.

The Child and Residential Experience (CARE) Model

Our Foster Care Services are based on the CARE model’s six core principles: developmentally focused, family-involved, relationship-based, competence-centered, trauma-informed, and ecologically oriented.

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