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Employee Spotlight: LeeAnn Hejnal

LeeAnn Hejnal joined the Rhinebeck PROS team at Access as a Therapist just over a year ago after earning her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Marist College. She recently passed her licensing exam, and we couldn’t be happier for her.

LeeAnn came to Access by way of a drastic career change. Prior to working at Access, LeeAnn worked at Williams Lumber. When asked about her change of course, she replies that in some ways, the work isn’t all that different. Like her current position, working in retail required that she focus on customer service, making an effort to relate to the customer and using active listening skills to determine their needs.

LeeAnn interned at Rhinebeck PROS for a year while she was working towards her degree.. It was then that she realized how beneficial the PROS model is and how much of a difference it can make in the lives of the people she works with. When she learned there was an opportunity to return to PROS as a full-time employee, she jumped at it.

There are many things LeeAnn likes about her job, like working directly with the people we serve. She loves the diversity of the people she works with, both clients and coworkers. She also appreciates that PROS clients determine their own goals: “It is important to meet clients where they are at, because the word ‘recovery’ means something different for each person,” she said. “The PROS model allows us to incorporate their own definition of recovery into their treatment, and work on goals that are meaningful to the client.” A recent increase in referrals from current clients makes it clear that they also appreciate the PROS model.

Outside of work, LeeAnn is a volunteer 4-H club leader for a group based in Red Hook – the Hog Handlers. She teaches youth how to care for their pigs, including raising, feeding, veterinary care, biosecurity to prevent the spread of illness, and proper, respectful treatment of animals overall. This also develops leadership and public speaking skills in the children, while developing the values of community service, responsibility, and a strong work ethic. With her passion for helping others achieve their goals for a rewarding life, we think LeeAnn is the perfect person for the children to learn from.


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