Mental Health In Schools

Mental Health Matters – Supporting Healthy Minds

Mental Health In Schools

In communities across the Hudson Valley, children are struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges. At Access: Supports for Living, we are committed to being a vital resource to school districts, partnering to bring services and support to students, families, and staff in their school and community. Access offers a variety of programs designed to address the mental health of students throughout our communities. Schools have the flexibility to engage in one or all of the resources below, or develop a specialized program:

  1. Access has joined forces with influencers – pro athletes, entertainers, and business executives – committed to our mission. Access curates virtual events during which these individuals openly share their own challenges with stigma and mental health and steps they have taken to recover and thrive.
  2. Access provides Family Forums, in-person or virtually (where available), to engage parents and guardians in conversations with clinical leaders at Access, because outcomes for children are dramatically improved when families are equipped with tools to recognize and respond to their child’s mental health needs.
  3. Access provides non-clinical training for educators and administrators to prepare them to respond to children and families facing crisis, including thoughts of suicide. Trainings can be provided either in-person or virtually.
  4. Access (where available) provides school districts with a part-time social worker to complement current staff or to provide consultation and supplemental support.

“As a building leader, I am a major proponent of other schools working with Access: Supports for Living. The program supports our ongoing efforts to address the mental health of our students.”

– Kyle Roddey
Principal, Red Hook Senior High School Past Principal, Fallsburg Junior-Senior High School

“With the pandemic mental health awareness has become a much bigger issue. So it’s important that this organization, Access, is here to serve the community.”

– John Flaherty
YES Network Broadcaster and former MLB catcher for the New York Yankees, Access: Supports for Living Foundation Board Member

“It’s important that we get the word out that mental health can be talked about and treated like physical health. It’s not something to be ashamed of, and Access is here to get you the help you need.”

– Laurenne Benzenberg
Senior Therapist, Access: Supports for Living

“Having a partner like Access where we can walk down the street and give a warm hand-off to get clinical care, that makes us feel really good. We know we made a difference and maybe saved someone’s life.”

– Michele McKeon

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