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Service Coordination

A few moments learning about Service Coordination will help in understanding what it takes to deliver the right supports for each individual.

Early Intervention (EI)

You may be able to take advantage of a program designed to help infants and toddlers with special needs. This may begin with an assessment to help understand your child’s abilities and challenges. Children with diagnosed conditions that lead to developmental delays (such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, etc.) are eligible. Children with more serious delays may be eligible without a diagnosis.

Early Intervention services may be provided at home, in day care or other community settings. Services are available in Orange and Sullivan County and are provided at no cost to you. Your child’s health insurance may be used to cover some of the costs. All other costs for are paid for by the County and New York State. Note that the program does not pay for day care or other fees charged by community settings.

Family Assistance

Families that care for children with developmental disabilities can get information and referrals to the right supports in the community, and more. Offerings range from helping to determine eligibility, financial resources and transitions—from special ed. pre-school to kindergarten as well as high school to adult services—to using the OPWDD Front Door process to access services.

Youth Educational School Services (YESS)

YESS will offer individuals up to 21 years of age services ranging from mentoring to educational advocacy and will protect their educational rights. In Orange County, YESS is funded to serve students with behavior challenges.

Support for Services in the Home for the Medically Fragile Children

If you are caring for a medically fragile child in the home you may be eligible for Medicaid. This is based on the child’s income and assets with the parents’ income waived, and relates to service coordination, environmental modifications and adaptive technology not usually covered by insurance.

Promoting Independence and Community Integration

Skills training and other services are offered in community settings to children living at home. The service is available to those authorized through the NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities. We can assist with the application for these and other services.

Family Reimbursement

If you are supporting a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities living full time in your home you may be eligible for financial help. The Family Empowerment Program is specifically for families in Orange and Sullivan Counties and relates to care not available through Medicaid.

Respite Care

Anyone who takes care of a person with challenges can use a break from time to time. Respite services make that possible, supervising the care of people to keep them safe and secure while family members or guardians get that break. Our Coordinators can assist with the applications There are separate programs for children up to the age of three, and those who are older.

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Service Coordination

Good help starts with thoughtfully coordinated supports and services.


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