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Mobile Mental Health Team

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Connect with a trained counselor any time of the day or night when stress, depression or other mental health issues create a personal crisis.

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Emotional trauma
  • Serious mental illness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Family crisis

Our team can respond to an urgent issue at home or anywhere in the community at no cost to you. Our service includes people with lived experience who can relate to your needs through their own experiences. Together we develop support plans and assist you to carry them out.

Orange County
Mobile Mental Health Team
888-750-2266    24/7


Ulster County
Mobile Mental Health Team
For Residents of Ulster County
844-277-4820    10AM – 10PM daily

The Orange County Mobile Mental Health Team is co-funded by Orange County and the NYS Office of Mental Health. The Ulster County Mobile Mental Health Team is offered through the Ulster County Department of Health and Mental Health. Both services are operated by Access: Supports for Living.



Coping with Emotional Problems: Counseling can Help.

We offer Individual, family, and group therapy for children, adolescents, adults and families. Even if you don’t have an appointment you can be seen on the same day in one of our two clinics: in Newburgh and Middletown, on a first come, first served system. Licensed clinicians include board certified psychiatrists for adults as well as those specialized in the care of children and adolescents, clinical social workers, mental health counselors, psychiatric nurses and psychiatric nurse practitioners.

To learn more about our clinical services or contact a clinician, click here

Medication Assisted Treatment (Suboxone)

We offer psychotherapy, psychiatric treatment, and medication to help people end the cycle of addiction to opioid painkillers or heroin for good. Our therapists and psychiatrists in this program are addiction specialists. This is a comprehensive outpatient program that offers counseling, psychiatric care, addiction medicine, and primary care. It is geared to meet the needs of people who have both a behavioral health condition that can be treated in an outpatient setting, such as depression, anxiety or other diagnosis, and a desire to live free of addiction.


OnTrackNY is an innovative treatment program for adolescents and young adults (ages 16-30) who have had unusual thoughts and behaviors, or who have started hearing or seeing things that others don’t (a first episode of a psychotic disorder). OnTrackNY offers a close-working team of therapists, psychiatrists, nurses, and school/employment specialists, with highly individualized services, to help people achieve their goals for school, work, and relationships. Our program serves Orange, Sullivan, Dutchess, and Ulster Counties, both in our center and out in the community.

6-Week Intensive Outpatient Program

We offer multiple time per week individual, group and family therapy to persons 18 years or older, who need a higher level of support for a short period of time. Intensive Outpatient is available in Middletown and Newburgh and can be started the very next day. Our licensed therapists and board certified psychiatrists offer evidence-based therapies and medication treatment designed to help you quickly get back on track after a crisis or a hospitalization. Typically participants will attend visits 3-5 days per week for 6 weeks.

Living with Mental Illness: Help from PROS

People coping with behavioral health issues can get help with developing life skills, managing symptoms and more. Our Personalized Recovery-Oriented Services (PROS) range from wellness self-management, to leisure planning and financial management. This rehabilitation and treatment program helps people succeed on their own, reducing the chances of relapse or hospitalization and any other event that compromises independence.

The members of the PROS team are trained to offer many kinds of ongoing support at Union Center in Middletown, Squire Center in New Windsor in Orange County and Millbrook Center, Rhinebeck Center, and Poughkeepsie Center in Dutchess County.

Residential Opportunities

A group home with 24 hour supervision for people with mental illness is only one option in Orange County, where the agency also offers a range of supported and certified treatment apartments. Counselors—some on site—are available to help with the skills necessary for community living.

Services for Children and Families


The Home and Community Based Services Waiver
We help children with serious emotional and behavioral challenges avoid long-term, out of home placement or psychiatric hospitalization. To qualify for the service, both the child and the family must meet certain eligibility requirements and be committed to receiving support and assistance to be successful in supporting the child at home.

Network Family Partners System of Care
Orange County families whose child has emotional, behavioral or social challenges that require a variety of services may benefit from this innovative approach. The people who staff the program have experiences of their own that help them build on the strengths of the individuals and families they work with.

Youth Educational School Services (YESS)
YESS will offer individuals up to 21 years of age services ranging from mentoring to educational advocacy and will protect their educational rights. In Orange & Sullivan County, YESS is funded to serve students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Transition Youth Services
Young adults with vulnerabilities can get help making the transition into adulthood. Care coordinators with sensitivity to social, emotional and behavioral needs help focus on identifying and connecting to the right community supports.

Voices United4Change
We are proud to host and support VoicesUnited4Change, which is made up of people of all ages dedicated to supporting and advocating for young people. The focus is on helping youth and family members become advocates, learning how to become engaged in promoting programs that work and changing what does not. The simple but powerful idea that inspires this group is that people who receive care have a valuable role to play in improving the way help is offered.

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Care Coordination

Good help starts with thoughtfully coordinated supports and services.


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