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Behavioral Health

Man with eyes closed
Photo by: Ігор Устинський

Front doors
Photo by: Doug Kerr

Photo by: Anderson Mancini


IDD Children & Families

Girl in playground
Photo by: Phalinn Ooi

Photo by: Karen Blaha


IDD Adults­­

Man with coffee cup
Photo by: David Hodgson


Living & Working in the Community

People at Farmer’s Market
Photo by: Phil Roeder

Kids playing basketball
Photo by: slgckgc


Supporting the Agency

Flowers with watering can
Photo by: Christopher Craig

Painting in background (bottom)
Scene on the Catskill Creek, New York by Frederic Edwin Church. Public Domain

Painting in background (homepage bottom)
The Oxbow by Cole Thomas,1836. Public Domain



Photo by: IQRemix


About Us

Painting in background (top)
Home by the Lake by Frederic Edwin Church, 1852. Public collection

Painting in background (bottom)
Home in the Woods by Thomas Cole, 1847. Public Domain

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