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Hearing Protection for Warriors & Workers


Sound Guard ear plugs are one of several hearing protection items, which are manufactured and packaged in the heart of the Hudson River Valley in Middletown, NY. The Sound Guard operation currently employs 20 people, the majority of which are persons with significant disabilities. This is made possible, in part, because of a Federal program called Ability One which helps create opportunities for persons with disabilities to find meaningful work.

In a typical year the Sound Guard team will produce approximately 33 million plugs! The plugs are cut using a one of a kind cutting press, packaged in custom cartons, and shipped to our military troops all over the world!

The most-widespread injury for veterans not using hearing protection has been hearing loss and other auditory complications. These conditions cost more than $1.4 billion in veterans disability payments annually, according to fiscal year 2010 data from the Hearing Center of Excellence, a part of the Department of Defense. At least $216 million was spent that same year for hearing aids and related devices, according to an advisory committee report to the VA. The plugs are so popular with military personnel that many of them continue to buy them from us commercially when their military careers are over.

We are proud of our products and of our dedicated, innovative and diverse work force. To a person they tirelessly work to meet challenging deadlines while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

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Watch this to see how the earplugs are fitted and how they work!

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